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Here is a list of illustration paper topics which can be perfect to satisfy the needs of every student. For your convenience, it is divided into several subcategories. Have a look and find those topics, which appeal to your needs and interests. 

Related to Sports

  1. Tell about the impact of politics on the sports during the Olympic Games.
  2. Explain how a coach can influence the final score of a football game?
  3. What are the most effective practices for training the sports team members?
  4. What is the difference between chess and Olympic sports?
  5. Illustrate the factors that impact the results of the match, except the physical strength of an athlete.
  6. Specify the influence of sports on the economical development.
  7. Demonstrate the differences between hockey and other team games.
  8.  Illustrate the reasons for disqualification.
  9. Specify how an athlete may prefer a certain kind of sport.
  10. Illustrate the obligatory moral qualities of a champion.

Some interesting illustration essay topicsmay arouse strong excitement of the readers, while others may bore them to death; so, be careful while choosing what to write about.

  1. Illustrate the careers that a retired athlete may take.
  2. Specify the differences between the individual kinds of sports and team games.
  3. Demonstrate an effective combination of sports career and good academic performance rate.
  4. Tell about the most effective team traditions of the famous football teams.
  5. Why can an athlete be removed from competitions?
  6. On the basis of what factors, a certain kind of sport gets on the list of those included in the Olympic Games?
  7. Demonstrate how the participants get ready for the Paralympic games.
  8. How can gender discrimination be eliminated in professional competitions?
  9. Illustrate the peculiar features of training practice for professional skiers in southern areas.
  10. How can multimedia innovations be introduced in athletic training?
  11. Explain how preparation to the tournament can use training devices.
  12. Illustrate the methods how doping can be detected in competitions.
  13. Specify how political propaganda can be prevented at the Olympic Games.
  14. Demonstrate the impact of participation in professional sport on the athletes’ health.
  15. Explain how the process of selecting pros is done among the juniors.

There are numerous college level illustration essay topicsfor the essays that can be related to a variety of spheres.

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Related to College Life

  1. Demonstrate the college education methods used to apply mobile technologies.
  2. Explain the impact of college education on the students’ life quality.
  3. Effects of gender-based segregation on the academic performance level.
  4. Explain what impact the local traditions and culture have on college education in a particular area.
  5. Discuss the history of college education in the USA.
  6. Present the most successful strategies of time management for the students.
  7. Demonstrate the most successful strategies of budget management for the students.
  8. Discuss the pros of dorm-living for college students.
  9. Demonstrate the aspects of personal life and privacy of a college professor.
  10. Explain the particular features of a church organization at colleges.
  11. Impact of the age factor on the level of academic performance.
  12. Demonstrate the value of college emblems and symbols.
  13. Explain the peculiar features of teaching prodigies.
  14. Discuss pros and cons of inclusive education.
  15. Explain the value of sports for the students.
  16. How to encourage the students to study?
  17. How to motivate a roommate to do the cleaning?
  18. Discuss the value of students’ volunteering practices.
  19. Explain which challenges foreign students have to overcome.
  20. Discuss how to achieve positive transformations in the character.

It is wrong to claim that all illustration essay topics can be use equally effectively by any student. The choice of the topic depends on personal preferences and interests, and it is logical that the selection is made individually.

Related to Job and Career

  1. Discuss why efficient career planning is important prior to selecting a college.
  2. Present the techniques of changing career at the elderly age.
  3. Explain why time management is important in making a career.
  4. Discuss how to combine being a mother and a good student.
  5. Explain which practical skills the job of a waiter can teach.
  6. Explain how disabled people can build a career.
  7. Present several examples of inspiring careers.
  8. Discuss the practical meaning of manager’s "client-oriented approach".
  9. Discuss why it is beneficial to take an unusual job.
  10. Discuss what stresses medical staff face.
  11. Illustrate the function of motivation and encouragement in building a career.
  12. Discuss the challenges of the statesman’s career.
  13. Explain the benefits of having a job at a McDonald's restaurant.
  14. Explain the importance of being responsible while choosing a career.
  15. Discuss whether it is reasonable to start building a career at college.
  16. Explain which techniques can reduce stress.
  17. Discuss the positive sides of working as a fashion designer.
  18. Discuss the strategies of human resources management.
  19. Present the peculiar features of preparing to be an astronaut.
  20. What work does a college professor do after teaching? 

Numerous illustration paper topics are always interesting to the readers as they are related to the essential aspects of everyday life or important community issues.

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Related to Community

  1. What strategies of community management are effective?
  2. How can the community be managed without any political interference?
  3. What is the function of non-governmental organizations in the community?
  4. Describe the characteristics of community life in the course of war.
  5. Present various community needs that are dependent on the community climate.
  6. How do the financial resources impact the efficiency of community management?
  7. Discuss the characteristics of an aging society.
  8. Discuss the function of religion in communities.
  9. How do communities influence the life quality of people?
  10. Is it possible to eliminate the conflict of interest between the individual needs and community needs?
  11. How can the practices of non-discrimination be integrated into the routine of the community?
  12. How does the community impact the education level?
  13. What is the potential impact of children on the community life?
  14. Is community work beneficial for the students?
  15. How it is possible to monitor the providers of community services?
  16. What are the methods of encouragement for the community members?
  17. Can community service replace donations?
  18. Discuss the penitentiary system method of community service.
  19. Role of community leaders in motivating others to live a healthy lifestyle.
  20. Discuss the examples of communities known in history.

Choose one of the suggested illustration paper topics and start writing right away! Get inspired!

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