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Argumentative Essay Topics

The following article aims to help you to manage various argumentative essay topics. If you are a successful student who struggles desperately with this assignment, do not worry – the following article will help you to improve your writing skills. First and foremost, you have to understand that this task requires a professional approach. We offer you to follow seven simple steps that will make the process of writing really painless.

  1. As it may be clear from its definition, a good argumentative essay requires building effective arguments. The writer should clearly understand his topic and be able to present evidence of thorough research.
  2. Use only reliable and relevant data. Remember that you cannot make up evidence; thus, try to use only up-to-date statistics and sources. No matter what argument essay topics you want to discuss, you have to support your words with the opinions of the acknowledged scholars.
  3. Focus on developing your arguments but do not forget about your opponents. Be sure to provide solid arguments for the opposing point of view.
  4. Brainstorm the ideas. Before writing your paper, feel free to think about your topic and write down all the interesting ideas that come to your mind. It is a very beneficial practice since it allows organizing your thoughts in a logical flow.
  5. Think about your thesis. It should be closely connected with your topic and define your main arguments. A thesis is a controversial and interesting idea that will be proven by the author`s main arguments. If you have some difficulties with creating a thesis or organizing your essay, do not hesitate to download free argumentative essay examples available on the web. They will provide you with the proper understanding of how a good argumentative essay should look like.
  6. Organize your paper properly. Do not forget that your argument essay is not just a flow of thoughts; it should have a clear organization. Provide the readers with the brief overview of the topic in your introduction. The main body serves as the platform for your main arguments. The concluding paragraph will summarize all your main ideas developed in the essay.
  7. Proofread your essay. Although the content of your essay is crucially important, you should also make sure that the final draft is totally free of grammar and spelling mistakes since it also influences your grade. 

Consider the Following Prompts:

  • Close cooperation with your professor is the shortest way to academic success. Cannot choose something good out of a vast majority of argumentative essay topics? Feel free to ask him for assistance. Your instructor will also help you to develop the main arguments and organize your thoughts into the right direction.
  • Make sure your paper is totally free of plagiarism. You have to understand that plagiarized content will lead to academic failure since all the professors consider it as a serious crime in the academic world. Sure, you have to use the outside sources to support your point of view. However, you need to understand that all the thoughts borrowed from other books and articles should be paraphrased or properly cited.

All the argumentative essays should be interesting and creative. Just follow our effective writing guide and enjoy the writing process!


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