Dissertation Introduction Assistance

Everything we do is supposed to have a good start in order to be successful. The similar principle can be applied to the dissertation, as your Introduction is what defines the whole piece. In order to create a successful introduction, students might have to rewrite or edit it for a couple of times, making it cohesive and balanced with the work itself.

Dissertation Introduction (Definition)

In academic writing, an introductory chapter is the one that provides a rationale for the research, defines the questions to be answered and explains the importance of the research.

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Dissertation Introduction Structure

Unlike other parts of your research and dissertation, your Introduction Chapter should not only answer many questions but create a cohesive structure that presents the following:

  1. Motivation. Introduce the reason for a particular research, be it your long-time enthusiasm about the subject matter or a recent discovery that triggered your idea.
  2. Scope. When the question for a research is defined, introduce the topic of your dissertation. Try to focus on the specific niche, rather than a broad field of expertise.
  3. Theoretical relevance and possible practical implementation of the research. Provide the arguments that support the importance of your research and try to predict who and in what ways can benefit from the research.
  4. Current scientific situation. Introduce what research project and ideas are related to your study.
  5. Objective of the study. Set the goal of your research and present the problem statement.
  6. Description of the research design. Briefly describe how and when will the research be held, who will participate in it and where will it be held.
  7. Dissertation outline. Present the structure of your dissertation, name main parts.

Having that many items to fit into a relatively small chapter might seem like a complicated task. If you have troubles creating a good introduction chapter for your dissertation or thesis, let us offer you qualified assistance.

Dissertation Introduction Help

In many cases that we have witnessed, students fail to comply with the requirements of the introduction chapter of the dissertation, as they might have troubles creating a cohesive structure, answer the questions and describe the important parts of their dissertation. An even bigger mistake people make is preparing introductory chapter before you work on the research itself.

So in order to help all the students struggling to write an introductory chapter, BestWritingService.com offers professional dissertation writing help. Once you make up your mind and place your order, we will not only find and assign the most appropriate writer, but will also provide you with an opportunity to keep in touch with them throughout the whole process.

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Professional Dissertation Introduction Writing

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Useful Tips on the Word Count

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As you see, preparing a good dissertation introduction is a task that required a lot of planning and ability to briefly present the ideas, maintaining the structure required. If you have troubles writing an introductory chapter on your own, you can always rely on the assistance from the writing team of BestWritingService.com. We will help you create an introduction that will present your research project in the best way possible. If you have any questions or would like our Customer Support Team help you place your order, just use the live chat option for an immediate assistance.