Creating a Good Informative Essay Outline

The purpose of an informative essay is to provide readers with useful material about the matter under consideration. Sometimes, this kind of essay is called an expository one. It is necessary to admit that these essays are not aimed at persuading readers to change their views. The task is only to inform the audience about the chosen idea or problem. In this article, our experienced custom writers explain how an informative essay outline should be written and what topics should be chosen for this type of paper. As always, our experts are ready to provide you with a unique paper of the utmost quality.

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Specifics of an Informative Essay

Before producing an informative essay outline, introduction, or any other structural elements, it is necessary to find out what an informative paper is. According to the definition, it is a piece of writing highlighting a specific topic in a clear and coherent manner. In order to make your work comprehensible, you should write it in simple language. You should not use many terms, statistical data, etc. To create a top-flight informative essay, you should also make sure to:

  • Structure your paper logically. The information presented in your work has to be properly organized; so that readers do not get confused about any points. It will be easier to compose such a paper by creating a detailed expository essay outline (we can provide you with a good informative essay outline template).
  • Write a powerful thesis. If you want to succeed with your essay, you should compose a strong thesis statement and develop it throughout your paper.

How to Write an Informative Essay Outline

In order to create a good informative essay outline, you need to know what sections should be present in your paper. It is also important to know how to craft each of its parts. Thus, below you will find a detailed explanation about every section of this type of essay.

Introductory Section

Here, you have to present the topic and highlight the points you are going to discuss in your paper. You should also provide some basic information on this matter. Additionally, you need to express your opinion about the explored subject and state what readers will learn after reading your piece of writing.

Helpful Prompts

  • Narrow the discussed subject.
  • Make certain there is a connection between your introductory section and a thesis.
  • Try to get your audience interested in reading your paper to the end.

Thesis Statement

Compose the statement that will help your readers realize the way you are going to build your essay. In this statement, highlight the main points that you are going to discuss further in your paper. It has to be concise and clear. Before creating it, you need to explore the topic in detail.

Helpful Prompts

  • Ensure your thesis statement complies with the main points listed in your outline.
  • A thesis has to be engaging. It has to convince your readers to read your essay till the end.
  • Do not use hackneyed phrases and repetitions.

Body Section

This chapter usually consists of three paragraphs. There are two things you need to keep in mind when preparing this section. These are the chief idea and the supporting data. The first sentence of every paragraph should illustrate the idea it (paragraph) is concentrated on and be connected with a thesis statement. After that, you are supposed to back up your ideas with strong arguments that have to be relevant to your topic. Make references to the sources you are using to prepare your work. However, mind arranging citations appropriately not to be accused of plagiarism. Each paragraph should end with a reasonable concluding phrase summarizing the discussed items. A properly constructed paragraph has to be based on three items: claim, arguments, and explanation.

Essential Advice to Bear in Mind

  • Avoid presenting your viewpoint on the subject. Provide the facts only.
  • Begin every paragraph with the most powerful idea.
  • Try to generate an appealing discussion to spark your readers’ interest.
  • Use transitions to make the text smooth.


This section sums up the entire essay. You should begin it by reiterating your thesis. Present it in a more sophisticated manner. List the main idea of each body paragraph. At the same time, try not to be repetitive. Refrain from providing any new data. Instead, synthesize the gathered facts. Highlight the importance of your essay and state how it can contribute to a specific field of study.

Thus, your outline should be based on the sections listed above. The number of the body paragraphs may vary; which means that the number of outline sections can also vary. The central idea of each body paragraph should be presented in your outline. So, the formula for your informative essay outline is simple:

  1. Introduction + your thesis statement.
  2. The main idea of the 1st (2nd, 3rd, etc.) body paragraph.
  3. Conclusion.

Fascinating Topics for an Informative Essay

We believe the question “How to make an outline for an informative essay?” will not disturb you anymore. Now, it is time to look through a list of topics on which you can create your paper.

Subjects for College Students

  1. Natural disasters and their types
  2. Fast food and its influence on people’s health
  3. Ecological problems which humanity is beset with
  4. The influence of modern fashion standards on women’s life
  5. Powerful means of reducing stress
  6. Steps which people can take to protect nature
  7. Exploring the notion of “slow food”
  8. Why is smoking harmful to one’s health?
  9. What does a healthy life imply?
  10. Alcohol and its history

Awesome Informative Essay Themes

  1. The background of domestic violence
  2. Alternative medicine and its trends
  3. Social networks: main stages of development
  4. History, positive and negative sides of prostitution
  5. A lottery: how to win?
  6. Illegal immigrants: what to do?
  7. Racism in the USA
  8. Internet as the most brilliant invention
  9. Marijuana as a means of treating people
  10. Reasons for violence on campus

Subjects for Middle School Students

  1. How do the homeless survive?
  2. The cost of school books
  3. The causes of children’s obesity
  4. Is censorship on TV essential?
  5. Discuss your favorite story
  6. How do cell phones work?
  7. Unnecessary school regulations
  8. Specifics of gravity
  9. The life cycle of spiders
  10. What makes bloggers popular?

Simple Topics

  1. Cybercrime
  2. Apple computers
  3. Robots in the modern world
  4. Exploring English literature
  5. Making a sandcastle
  6. Specifics of shooting a comedy
  7. Male jobs for females
  8. How to prevent school bullying?
  9. Is it necessary for Muslim students to wear a hijab?
  10. Distinguishing between a fever and a common flu

Informative Essay Outline Example

Download PDF Sample

Using a properly constructed informative/expository essay outline example is helpful in producing the one for your own paper. When browsing the Net, you can find examples of not only outlines but also entire essays. Thus, it will be easier for you to compose a great piece of writing. Mind to use an excellent informative essay template only!

The Secrets of Writing a Good College Informative Essay

Having decided on your paper topic and constructed a logical informative essay outline, you are to start creating your masterpiece. One of the key things with writing an expository essay is determining your audience and adapting your writing style to the readers. As you aim to inform a certain group of people on a chosen topic/issue, there is a need to assess how much your readers know about it. This step will help you to make sure that you have created clear and comprehensive explanations for the topic under discussion. For instance, even though the teacher who will read your paper specializes in medicine, they may have specialized in the area that is different from the one you chose to write about. The instructor may have studied dermatology while you are writing about alternative medicine and its trends. Thus, having general knowledge of the subject, your reader will still not know some peculiarities and small details. Your task is to make sure there are no gaps in the information you present. Do not make your reader guess about the ideas you aimed to present.

Informative essay writing requires one to present sufficient background information resisting the temptation to go into great details. Thus, if you lack the skills or time to craft a good paper based on a neatly composed expository essay outline, it is a good idea to turn to a professional writer. When you buy a custom essay of high quality, that was created just for you, and according to your instructions, you achieve two goals at once. You get a great sample for future works and a brilliant paper that will get you high grades!

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