VIP Support for Exclusive Customers! You Deserve the Best!

The satisfaction of clients is our top priority. We strive to pay equal attention to every order and provide each customer with top-quality writing and support services. Nevertheless, some assignments are more complicated and thus require more time and effort. In addition, in such cases, client-writer cooperation and interaction should be more intensive to achieve the desired goal. We guarantee that every client is going to get a positive experience when buying a custom paper from us. Nevertheless, we also know that some assignments will require exclusive 24/7 VIP support. With this premium option, our cooperation will bear great fruit.

VIP Support vs. Regular Support: What is the Difference?

Let us quickly discuss the benefits you get when ordering a premium package.

Ordinary Support VIP Support
  1. When you place an order, it goes to a general list, from which a random writer will choose it.
  1. We will assign your VIP order to one of the Top 10 Writers with a specialty in your field of study. You can choose a preferred writer, as well.
  1. The support team will address only urgent concerns and questions regarding your order.
  1. You can communicate with a customer support agent or your assigned writer any time day or night. You may wish to discuss some arguable points, provide additional clarifications, explain your standpoint or ask for some amendments whenever you want.
  1. You can use only a regular phone line or our website chat to reach out to the customer support team.
  1. You will use a special VIP phone line for premium customers.
  1. You will not be able to communicate with the assigned writer personally.
  1. You will be able to communicate with your writer whenever you want using any means you deem convenient.
  1. A customer will not receive messages with special offers and discounts.
  1. A VIP customer will be informed about lucrative offers and promo codes to be used for premium orders only.
  1. A customer will not receive order status notifications.
  1. A VIP customer can receive notifications about all stages of the writing process. In such a manner, you will be informed when the writer is assigned the order, when they proceed to the literature review, results, conclusion, etc., as well as when the paper is sent to the editor for a detailed check.
  1. The order will be proofread by a random editor.
  1. As a VIP customer, you will be able to get the assistance of a Top Editor who has a great experience and work with the most complicated and creative assignments.
  1. A paper will be checked with the help of plagiarism-detection software; however, the authenticity report will not be provided. 
  1. As a VIP customer, you can request the authenticity report and thus ensure on your own that the paper was written from scratch. 

What about More Tasty Features of BestWritingService VIP Support?

Personal Touch and Custom-Tailored Approach

If you decide to become our VIP client, you will receive the best possible customer support. The primary concern is your privacy that we are ready to protect it at any cost. We will ensure that the details of your order do not leak to unauthorized parties. In addition, we will give you a special phone line and exclusive email to communicate with the support team and your writer. In case you have a complex technical question, we will provide you with the needed assistance even if we will need to call for the help of advanced developers. Even if a force majeure occurs, we will do our best to fix the issue as soon as possible and will offer a special bonus as an excuse to redress a wrong. You will receive messages and emails with special offers and discounts. Finally, you will be able to follow how your order moves along the stages of the writing process.

A Personal Client Manager to Assist You 24/7

In spite of the time zone, we will be here to help you with professional advice or assistance. We offer 24/7 support to all our clients; however, questions and requests of VIP clients get the priority and thus are addressed first despite the working load. More so, we will assign a Personal Client Manager who will monitor and solve any issues you might have with your premium order. In such a manner, by providing VIP customers with individual managers, we can ensure that each order will receive due attention.

Top 10 Writers at Your Service

You can ask the customer support team to provide you with the list of top writers available right now. Then, you can discuss options with your personal client manager and thus choose the writer that will develop a top-notch paper for you. Once the writer is assigned, you can discuss all details of your order with them directly. Mind, Top 10 Writers is a separate option of BestWritingService VIP service.

Top Writers, Top Editors, Top Papers

You can discuss with your personal client manager the possibility of employing a top editor to look through and improve your paper. Based on the chosen topic, field of study, and level of education, we will assign the most proficient editor to your order. How will we manage? We will go through the top list and choose a few editors based on their specialty. Next, we will send them the details and ask whether they can handle your order or not. Based on their answers, we will determine who suits it best. In addition, as a VIP client, you will have an extended revision option. Remember, you can always communicate with all specialists working on your assignment.

Go VIP Right Now!

We have developed the VIP plan with our demanding customers in mind. If you choose this premium option for your order, we will show you how the best customer service looks like. Our agents will address any questions or inquiries you might send us via a phone call, email, or message in the timeliest manner. The best writer will work hard on your assignment, and a top editor will carefully polish it. It is high time to put aside hesitation; go VIP today!

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