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Homework is a happy word for a few students, while many experience growing pains with every assignment. It has become common to represent the students’ issues with writing discursive essays and other papers as a struggle with time and the matter of dedication to a task. Often, however, students have enough time and knowledge to complete an assignment but lack the proper skills to write clearly and concisely. Writing may not come naturally, especially when the use of emojis is out of the question. Whatever the reason, our academic service makes the process of writing a discursive essay effortless and ensures that every student can improve their grades with a professional writer at their side.

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What Is a Discursive Essay and Its Role for Students?

A discursive essay is a piece of critical writing that offers readers a balanced argument regarding a certain issue. Completing such a paper entails the use of reliable evidence, analysis, and objective statements. It is only recently (a few decades) that high school, college, and university students started to receive such homework. Its role is big on the final grade because professors use discursive essays to assess students’ critical skills and an understanding of a topic that usually relates to course materials.

The roots of such papers can be found in the works of Michel Foucault, who has shared his ideas about discourse within the system of knowledge that shapes human experiences of the world. Following his pioneering papers and expanded academic views on a discursive essay meaning, students are now expected to explore different ideas and subjects and explain them using an essay structure.

How Many Paragraphs in a Discursive Essay and Is There a Limit?

The number of paragraphs greatly depends on the required length. Usually, a 5-paragraph structure applies; however, when a paper is more than 2 pages, students should have as many paragraphs as arguments or ideas they want to develop. While there is no limit, it is critical to use enough references to support statements. Before writing such assignments, a student should have a clear understanding of what is discursive essay and how it differs from other assignments.


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Elements that Show the Difference Between Argumentative and Discursive Essay

  • A perspective. A discursive essay aims at providing an objective point of view, while an argumentative paper accommodates an opinion.
  • A tone. A generally neutral tone applies to a discursive piece of writing, while students use a more forceful approach and are free to refute opposing arguments thoroughly, thus making one point more relevant than another.
  • A level of complexity. Students report discursive essay writing to be harder because it entails using a wide range of points instead of expressing views directly and feeling strongly about a topic.
  • Readers. Students should clearly understand their audience to persuade them, while a discursive paper requires research above all.

Main Types of Discursive Essay that Students Order Online

When students are asked to complete papers according to discursive writing, they can offer different arguments, provide evidence to support both sides, and even describe prejudices in some cases. Usually, students can work on 4 types of discursive writing:

  • Pro and con discursive writing;
  • Opinionated essays;
  • Argumentative discursive writing;
  • Descriptive papers.

Choosing the Best Discursive Essay Format and Style

The format of discursive essays is based on their neutral nature and structure that also define their style. Thus, to write a paper, students follow APA or MLA style for formatting and referencing a text. In some cases, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, or other styles may be used. Suppose a student does not yet get the hang of these and other formats. In that case, it is best to use a professional discursive essay writer or editor.

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Discursive Essay Structure: Easy to Follow

An effective structure of discursive essay often, if not always, includes a sound introduction that defines an issue and has some background information. A discursive essay introduction should focus on the relevance of a discussed topic and provide all the data in, preferably, 1 paragraph. Another important element of an intro is a discursive essay thesis statement. It should be concise but informative and carry a writer’s idea about a topic.

Following the introduction, the next paragraphs are always dedicated to the different arguments and points. A logical and organized arrangement of these paragraphs is also important because it ensures readability and makes it easier to grasp the messages of a paper.

A paper should also end with a conclusion. Notably, a discursive essay conclusion should be a paragraph that shortly discusses the main points. In some cases, a student can offer an opinion based on the analysis of all the arguments.

Discursive Essay Outline: To Prepare or Not?

All the elements of an essay should be structured beforehand and to achieve this goal, our writing company strongly recommends creating an outline. It is an essential step in creating a text with a logical flow of ideas and well-developed points. Students who plan tend to get better grades and do more than others.

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How to Write a Discursive Essay that Gets an A?


A discursive essay usually is not that hard to create, provided that students understand the main features that distinguish this assignment from others, can maintain a balanced style of writing, and follow the main steps:

Lay paper

Conduct research and gather all important facts and examples

Suppose a topic of a discursive paper is well-studied and incorporates many theories and ideas. In that case, a writer should focus on the main and secondary sources to assess themes and theories related to a matter. While peer-reviewed sources are a great place to start, we also recommend using articles, videos, and interviews to have a more rounded view of a topic and be able to craft an objective piece of writing.

Lay paper

Create an outline that carefully incorporates

Information about a topic needs to be organized to demonstrate a pattern and engage readers in a paper. It is best to write an outline with small quotes and references that make the process of writing an essay more structured and easy.

Lay paper

Edit and proofread a text

When students submit discursive essays without double-checking grammar and style, they may not get as high a grade as they deserve due to minor errors. To ensure the best outcome, let a professional edit and proofread a text so that its content and presentation are on a high level.

While the steps are simple, many students wonder how to start a discursive essay? This question is especially pressing when a discursive essay only appears to have one side. For instance, it may be challenging to be objective and not overly argumentative when writing about perspectives on indigenous inequality. Students can count on professional discursive essay writers to help get all the facts straight.

Top Discursive Essays Topics

  • Language and culture: The effects of the dominant usage of the English language in the field of scientific publication.
  • Political Sciences: What are the nature and roots of modern government?
  • Business studies: How has the Internet changed the way businesses operate?
  • Language and Literature: The main message of The Life of Pi.
  • Biology: The reasons for animal testing.
  • Social studies: Possible solutions and obstacles to managing gender-based violence.
  • Language and Literature: An analysis of Oscar Wilde’s words about the price of everything versus its value.
  • Psychology: Can money buy happiness?
  • Nursing: The potential of learning transcultural health practices.
  • Business studies: Adaptation as a tool of globalization and a means for a business to succeed or fail.
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The Best Discursive Essay Help That is Always There for Students

Our company provides writing, editing, and proofreading services to ensure that students can get an amazing discursive paper before deadlines. The overwhelming majority of happy customers indicate that we are on the right track and offer effective assistance with reliable quality guarantees and a great benefits system.

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  • Timely delivery. Our customers can relax because we always deliver papers on time and can complete urgent assignments.

Importantly, customers can choose their writers from the list of the top 10 experts and add individual requests for them to follow. For instance, students can have their discursive essays written by a UK writer or US writer and choose the option of simple English if they want.

Professional writing help with discursive essays can also be used to manage particularly difficult aspects of such assignments, namely, visual elements and have an expert create tables, charts, and diagrams at a small fee. We are ready to handle any demands and are great at satisfying the needs of students in the shortest terms.

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Buy Discursive Essay to Enjoy Academic Success and Freedom

Owing to our quality guarantees and a customer-oriented approach, students get an opportunity to solve their academic issues quickly and easily. After filling out the order form and paying for an essay, customers can expect the best treatment, amazing support around the clock, and a brilliant discursive essay.

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