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The term tourist is basically known as a way in which a country or a place uses its existing natural resources as a way of marketing and attracting visitors from different countries to come and witness these unique natural features that the country possesses. This will in return result to the country getting more economical gains in terms of foreign income and also boast the relationship between the countries. Turkey being a country that stretches all the way from the Anatolian Peninsula in Asia to the Balkans region of the Southeastern Europe; has a lot in store to offer to tourists. In deed it provides them with the most explicit natural features that can be found in the two different continents i.e. Europe and Asia. The resources include the natural features like mountains, great lakes, seas, and other natural resources that will be of great attraction to the people that have a passion of adventuring or exploring. It also has recreational facilities that are the best tourists’ attraction sites in the world.

Map of Turkey

Turkey map

Turkey is a country that literally connects Asia and Europe; this is a good example that will ensure that the country enjoys a wide range of physical features that will benefit the country in attracting a lot of tourists. It numerous physical features that the country enjoys include the Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Marmara, Black Sea, River Tigris, mountain Ararat, Lake Tuz, and the iconic bridge known as Bosphorus Bridge that is in Istanbul, connecting Europe and Asia. These are some of the features that make Turkey enjoy an increased number of tourists that come into the country just to see the nature that the country has.

Turkey has a vibrant natural environment that is considered to be the most significant attraction sites for the tourists; they include Mount Ararat which is 5,166 m. It also has a very long Coastline that stretches to around 7,200 km; it also has a river Euphrates that is approximately 2,735 km, which continues all the way through Syria and Iraq.

The climate of the country is different; this is because of the seas that surrounds the country, the coastal regions that borders the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea have the Mediterranean climate with Hot, dry summers, cool wet winters, while the Black Sea have a temperate Oceanic Climate that is characterized with warm summers, cold to wet winters, while the eastern part of the coast receives an average of 2500 mm of rain annually. The climate makes holidays and functions fantastic as it allows much outdoor enjoyments such as beach parties, sport fishing and hiking.

These climatic atmospheres will ensure that the country is conducive for a variety of wild animals that includes Brown Bears, Lynxes, Wild Boar, Deer, Chamois, Otters, Foxes, Camels, Buffaloes, Anatolian Leopard, Caspian Tiger and Rana holtzi (Toros Frog). These will attract many tourists inform of researcher and revelers to enjoy the beautiful nature of Turkey.

Major Features of the Natural Environment that would be Interesting to Tourists

Turkey is a country that has a variety of natural features that are more likely to attract tourists in the country; this includes the most intriguing lake known as Lake Tuz and Turkish tallest mountain Mt. Ararat. These two features are considered as the most attractive natural features that are found in the country; this is because of their unique physical appearance. At the same time they provide the natural habitat for the unique different types of animals that are found in Turkey especially in the designated sites where these places are located.

The Ararat Mountain is a mountain that is formed of lava flow that have resulted to the formation of the mountain thus the mountain is unique. This is because its formed of Igneous rocks and an ice cup on the peak of the which is approximately 4,200m tall; while Lake Tuz Turkeys second largest lake as it occupies a surface area of 1,665 km2 and one of the worlds largest hyper-saline lakes. The unique nature of the lake is because it occupies a tectonic depression that is found in the central plateau of Turkey and its fed by two major streams, underground water and the surface water. Additionally, the lake is unique because it doesn’t have an outlet and more so it Brackish mashes that acts as a breeding point for flamingoes that make it attractive to tourists.

Kind of society the tourists would find at Turkey

Turkey as a country is occupied by people from different religious and ethnic background that includes Turks, Kurds, Caucasians, Arabs, Azerbaijanis and Armenians amongst other ethical groups. The community that lives around Lake Tuz is most friendly and basically indulges in the activities of salt mining and fishing. In the other regions like next to the Mt Ararat is mostly inhabited by the Armenian community who are also very friendly and are in history for being the most social and welcoming individuals. This is reported by Dr. Friedrich Parrot who is in record for being the first mountain explorer to reach the summit of Mt Ararat in the most recent times.

Major heritage resources in Turkey and how they help the tourists to understand the history of Turkey

Lake Tuz is located in the central Anatolia Region which is approximately 105 Km northern side of Konya, and 150 km southwest of Ankara. Despite its remote nature which indicates that the place is located very far from away from the country’s capital Istanbul. The cultural practices of the people living in the region is most attractive to the tourists that will be visiting the place the community especially those that lives next to the lake have a rich culture that will be of great interest to the tourists that will be visiting the region.

The community around Mt Ararat is comprised of the Armenians who form the largest community that has settled in the area. But they have a cultural heritage which comprises of various language and traditional practices. They have historical atrocities on the hand of the Turks and Kurds in the early 1900s; they have also a symbol that is symbolized by the Armenian Catholic Church not far from the toes of the mountain.

Under what circumstances did Turkey become a tourist destination?

There are some unique natural features that have made these two places namely Mt Ararat and Lake Tuz to be considered as tourist attraction sites. The most significant feature is Mt. Ararat because of the physical appearance of the mountain. This mountain is unique because it acquires the form of two different mountains that are close to each other. The mountain is also an attraction site for tourists because it is formed from Igneous rocks and has an ice cup on its peak, while the Lake Tuz has been a tourist attraction site because it is a lake that is lying on a plateau and also a breeding site for flamingoes and other birds and fish.

What are the Factors that would Influence Tourists into Turkey


There are different reasons that drive an indivudal into becoming a tourist, this includes the need for change of the living environment of an individual, the other reason will be for exploration or recreational trip for a companies workers another reason for touring turkey is to explore and adventure as in the s cases of visiting Mt Ararat and lake Tuz in order to check on the unique features these places have.

Push factors

Turkey is considered a more suitable tourist attraction site this is because it enjoys the most privileged culture as a result of a lot of ethical groups and at the same time it is in a strategic position as it combines Asia and Europe, as this provides the tourists with a complete experience of the diverse cultures as a result of the democratic system of government that exists in the country.

Pull factors

Turkey is a country that has a rich culture and natural features that are considered as the some factors that contribute to tourism, these includes the unique features that had been mentioned earlier in the paper, these features will s enhance the tourists with unique and a classical adventure while in Turkey natural features like Lake Tuz and Mount Ararat will provide tourists with an adventurous experience that will ensure that the tourists are feeling more welcomed and accommodated by the Turkish cultural practices thus resulting to an attractive tourism activities in Turkey.

Kinds of activities in which tourists engage in at Turkey

There are several activities that the tourist will be involved on arrival to the designated tourist attraction sites; this section will break down the different activities that the tourists will be involved in while they are in the respective tourist’s sites. A tourist that opts to go to the Mountains for adventure will be involved in different activities this includes mountain climbing, skiing in the time of winter and also camping. The mountain is considered as a very definite site that will attract some animals that are found in cooler places, like the bears and the Deers. And this will definitely give the tourists an intriguing adventure, while the tourists that will go to Lake Tuz will be involved in different activities including fishing, mining of salts amongst sailing on the lakes as they watch the natural animals that are found In the lake such as flamingoes.

How has tourism affected the lives of the people who live at Turkey

The tourists’ activities and frequent visits the places have positively benefited the community that lives around the attractions sites. This is because the tourism trade has empowered the villagers to the point of being able to live their live independently. They are able to use proceeds from tourism to cater for their needs and invest more for a sustainable tourism sector. They also do not have to wait for the government that is based in the capital (Istanbul) to intervene; they are able to improve their lives. As a result this has empowered the citizens living around this region economically. The local also make local and traditional products which they sell these products to the tourists and eventually having a source of income.

Tourism has also resulted to improve of the infrastructures in the regions; this is because the main government and the county governments have established high value infrastructure to support the tourism in this area. This has eventually resulted to an improved form of communication and this improving the living standards of the communities living around these areas.

What kinds of accommodation are available for tourists who choose Turkey as their destination

The Turkish Tourist Board has joined hands with the local and international investors in building of up to date standards of hotels that will ensure that the visiting tourists is in a point of enjoying their stay in the natural reserves with the feeling that they are at home. The hotels are designed in a traditional Turkish culture and this is one of the ways that these accommodations provide the tourists with the classical Turkish Traditional torch that is secure and comfortable to the tourists.

Kinds of transport tourists would use to visit the destinations

When tourists get into the country they will chose to use road, air or rail. This will be the options that are available to get to the designated tourist site. Most tourists chose road and rail as the preferred form of transportation which is best to view the terrain of Turkey. On reaching the tourist site they are ferried from one point to the other using road or can even use of the Turkish traditional mode of transport that include the Donkey pulled Caravan. Some tourists opt to use the camel as a form of transport while touring the region.

Kinds of gastronomic experiences are available for tourists

Turkey has a wide range of food, this is practically because the country has different ethnical groups that comprises of Turks, Kurds, Circassians, Arabs, Azerbaijanis and Armenians. Meeting and experiencing the many ethic traditions within the areas is an unforgettable experience. In addition, the experience spent at the mountains region is mainly occupied by the Armenians brings with it a unique feeling. Tourists can also get the experience of enjoying the best and common delicacies such as the khorovats an Armenian-styled barbecue, Lavash Armenian rolled bread, kabob which is a mixture of marinated roasted meat and vegetables. There is also one thing that tourists in the region will want to tastes and feel the true Armenian taste fruits. They are also common amongst the people living there they include grapes, figs, and melons.

Prepare the components for a brochure you would design to promote Turkey

Welcome to Turkey, this is a country that boasts the best tourist attraction sites in the entire world. It is country that’s connects Asia and Europe with unique tourists attraction sites, unique cultural history and sophisticated and comfortable accommodation for the tourists and campers. While in Turkey don’t miss visiting breathe taking natural sites like Lake Tuz and Mountain Ararat amongst others. Welcome to Turkey and you will crave for more. 


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