Essay Topics about Advertising

Whenever the student needs to write an essay on some advertising topic, he may find it difficult to choose a good one. A good topic should be neither too broad nor too narrow. Also, it should be interesting to the writer and the potential reader. Moreover, it should discuss the relevant aspects of the contemporary advertising area. If you cannot create a good topic, we offer you a list of the most intriguing and informative advertisement essay topics that will help you develop a great essay and get a satisfactory grade.

Below find some very interesting advertisement essay topics:

  1. Coke IMC Plan: Advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Discuss the role of e-commerce in the modern world.
  3. Address the changes in the American hotel industry. Are they significant?
  4. Make a critical analysis of applying Sales Management Principles at Gateway Inc.
  5. Do believe that e-commerce will eliminate the need for physical stores? Support your rationale.
  6. Electronic sears versus print marketing sears.
  7. Discuss contemporary electronic marketing problems.
  8. The Internet & business.
  9. Make an analysis of Savage advertising campaign.
  10. Write a letter to a Givenchy advertising manager.
  11. Contemporary and vintage advertisement: a compare and contrast essay.
  12. Analyze a new media campaign on Toblerone.
  13. Critically evaluate the most common discrepancies in the way advertising real estate and newspapers that are beyond the reach of an ordinary person.
  14. Do you agree with the statement that corporate-funded advertisements should be given higher priority over the state-run ads when it comes to the electronic media area?
  15. Analyze the effects of banning smoking advertising.
  16. Discuss whether the electronic media should more sensible when it comes to advertising products that are meant only for adults.
  17. How would you characterize the advertisements that appear in newspapers?
  18. Evolution of advertising and its impact on society in the contemporary world.
  19. Critically analyze the changes of women’s images in advertising from the 1900s and 1920s.
  20. Evaluate the danger of subliminal advertising.
  21. Racial issues in advertising campaigns.
  22. Discuss the efficiency of anti-drug advertising campaigns on teenagers.
  23. The exploitation of child labor in advertising.
  24. Discuss the impact of mass media advertising on consumer behavior.
  25. Discuss the current trends in integrated marketing communication.
  26. Prepare a critical analysis of "Girl Who Was Plugged In."
  27. Analysis of crime in Japan: Employment, Improvements in Education, Penalties and Drugs Monitoring
  28. Discuss electronic and print marketing policies of Wal Mart.
  29. What are the favorite e-marketing techniques of the leading companies? Give the examples.
  30. Discuss the benefits and shortcomings of coke IMC plan.
  31. Create a marketing plan for a Ferry Company.
  32. Make an analysis of Gucci`s advertising campaign.
  33. Evaluate the impact of e-commerce on small businesses.
  34. Media advertising and communication strategies in the contemporary market.
  35. Prepare a detailed advertising analysis of a particular car.
  36. Payment and security subsystems of e-commerce.
  37. Make a rhetorical analysis of the vintage ads.
  38. Discuss how the electronic and print media treat advertising. Provide examples.
  39. Suggest effective network solutions for Worldwide Advertising, Inc.
  40. The studies show that there exists a surge in advertising full pages in popular dailies: what is your position?
  41. Discuss the strategies of targeting youth in the advertising industry.
  42. Prepare a critical analysis of McDonald’s corporation advertising.
  43. Prepare a case study on FitnessLive.
  44. Analyze the use of semiotics in Pepsi`s advertising.
  45. Distortion of reality/photo manipulation in advertising.
  46. Discuss the negative influence of targeted advertising on adolescents and children.
  47. Discuss the issues of nudity and sex in advertising.
  48. Discuss the effectiveness of humor in advertising. Provide the examples.
  49. Make an investigation into the recall of informative television versus persuasive advertisements.
  50. Prepare a critical review of the literature on the topic of the negative effects of advertising on children and adolescents.
  51. Do you believe that there is a need for a mandatory disclaimer before certain advertisements that involve stunts performed by the trained athletes?
  52. Analyze the specific visual elements in different advertisements. Give the examples.
  53. The impact of mass media on the socialization.
  54. Make an analysis of Audi advertising campaign.
  55. Discuss some controversial aspects of the various advertising campaigns that can be debated upon.
  56. Prepare a case study on Marc Jacobs Inc.
  57. Discuss the various types of advertising used by different businesses.
  58. Explain why alcohol advertising is legal whereas tobacco advertising is not. Use examples.
  59. Advantages and disadvantages of modern advertising techniques.
  60. Discuss the relationship between the product and celebrity endorser in advertising.
  61. Make a critical analysis of ruthless exploitation of client`s desires in media technologies advertising.
  62. Do you believe that the subliminal advertisement really works? Provide examples.
  63. Make an analysis of Gillette advertising campaign.
  64. Analyze the gender roles in contemporary advertising campaigns.
  65. Do you believe that the advertisements playing with people's insecurities are unethical? Support your answer.
  66. How do people see themselves in advertisements? A critical analysis of fantasy and ideology in popular advertising.
  67. Explain whether do you believe that child-directed advertising should be banned.
  68. Discuss the influence of media advertising on consumer product awareness.
  69. Analyze the ethical aspect of the exploitation of infants in advertising campaigns.
  70. The aims and objectives of movie advertising.
  71. Discuss the concept of masculinity in advertising.
  72. Write a letter to a Burberry advertising manager.
  73. What are the stereotypes in contemporary advertising campaigns?
  74. Discuss the use of various advertising techniques in health education.
  75. Analyze the history of the use of technology in advertising.
  76. Prepare a case study on Dakota National Air.
  77. It is believed that real estate is the most advertised industry in both electronic and print media. Do you agree with this claim?
  78. Discuss sexism in modern advertisement campaigns.
  79. The use of logos, pathos, and ethos in advertisements. Provide the examples.
  80. Discuss the gender biases in contemporary advertisement campaigns.
  81. Advertisement as an art. Give the examples of the brilliant advertising campaigns and analyze the reason for their success.

We do hope that our advertisement essay topics will satisfy your needs! So whenever you find it challenging to make up a good topic, just look through our list essay topics about advertising of and choose the one that seems the most interesting to you. Of course, a good topic is not enough for writing a brilliant essay. Apart from the topic, you need to take care of the paper organization, formatting, and other important aspects. We assure you that only by impressing your professor by a professional and creative approach you will be able to get the desired grade!

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