Personal essay writing tips

What is a personal essay?

Do not know the definition of personal essay? Asking what is a personal essay? If you want to become proficient at personal essay writing, you should first understand what it is all about.

A personal essay is usually designed to help the writer create a holistic picture of his or her personality. In most cases, personal essays are developed as an element of university and college application packages. That is, applicants are asked to produce a coherent personal essay when they apply for college. The purpose of such essays is to help the admission committee understand the reasons and motivations that guide applicants in their lives. At the same time, it is an opportunity for an applicant to present himself or herself in the best possible light.

Remember that personal essays are written for an audience, who is not familiar with the applicant. This is why it is critical that a personal essay is written in a professional, coherent, and fascinating manner to create the most positive picture of an applicant's personality.

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Writing a perfect personal essay

If you look at the best personal essay examples, you will see that they were written by applicants with advanced intellectual and academic writing skills. You must be intelligent, possess solid critical thinking skills, and be ready to accept sound critique. These are just some of the secrets of your future success in personal essay writing. Before you start working on your personal essay, outline its main points. These include:

  • The brightest events or personal attributes that will help the admission committee to understand your personality;
  • The academic and professional attributes that will persuade the admission committee that you are the best applicant;
  • Events and motivations that have pushed you to pursue a degree in a discipline of your choice;
  • Past knowledge and experiences that could contribute to your future academic success;
  • Your professional and career growth plans;
  • Personal features that will promote your success in the selected professional field;
  • Reasons why the members of the selected committee should give you a chance to study.
Personal Essay Writing Tips

Recommendations for developing a superior personal essay


  • No matter what personal essay topics you choose, be truthful and authentic in your judgments.
  • Don't hurry. Outline your thoughts and ideas, before you put the in writing.
  • If you receive specific instructions from the admission committee, make sure you follow them precisely.
  • Don't be redundant. Your personal essay must be brief, informative, and concise.
  • Your paper must be about your personality. Don't devote it to somebody else.
  • Talk of your best sides but don't forget about your worst attributes. Be objective.
  • Show your positive orientation and willingness to improve.


  • Do not go over the requested word count.
  • Do not fall into generalizations. If you want to know how to write a personal essay, be specific and up-to-the-point.
  • Do not be afraid of your feelings or concerns. Your honesty and readiness to discuss sensitive topics will certainly be appreciated.
  • Do not be repetitive or boring.

If you are looking for help with personal essays, look at the essay prompts and ideas in our database. You can look through our personal essay examples at no charge.

Remember that personal essays can be written to discuss a whole range of subjects or topics. Which one you discuss in your personal essay depends on the requirements of your selected institution. However, if you are free to choose one for your paper, be thorough and considerate. If you have doubts as to the topic that will win the hearts and minds of the admission committee members, we will be happy to help. Do not hesitate to run through the personal essay samples that are currently saved in our user-friendly database. They are available for free!

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Check out our free personal essay sample

Critical thinking

What are your gifts, talents, and unique abilities? I have a natural gift of sieving through people’s perceptions and reading their minds. I have nurtured this gift a positive way such that I am in a position of making people generate a good feeling about themselves regardless of the respective situation they could be experiencing. In addition, I have also nurtured my gift in such a manner that it has given me the rare capability of helping people diffuse through potentially harmful situations.

I have a rare talent of being able to shoot virtually any type of weapon with significant accuracy especially in challenging circumstances and positions. A positive accompaniment to my talent is being able to sufficiently use at an appropriate time and location depending on a relative and occurring circumstance. Moreover, I am capable of applying this talent with minimal force.
I have an inherent ability of being able to design a strategic plan that can be replicated with much ease. I am also able to come up with efficient methods of implementing my strategic plans. This gives me the rare ability to implement the strategic plan any tactical situation regardless of the circumstances. 
What are you most interested in and passionate about? 
I have numerous interests that I would love to pursue; however, my most revered interest is to pursue a career in law enforcement. This is because it will enable me to sufficiently and satisfactorily put my knowledge and experiences to real-time application. Moreover, I have developed an inherent passion to help civilians as they go about their daily activities once I retire from the army where my track record is excellent.

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