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It is not very difficult to create a presentation slide show. In fact the process itself is quick, updating slides is easy, and a presentation can be made very effective by injecting a degree of visual interest into slides.

However, it can help to have a good PowerPoint sample to guide you because, as you may know, a poorly created slide show can mean disaster for even the most experienced of presenters. The main success ingredient is making sure your PowerPoint slides really do add visual interest rather than being a distraction.

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Understanding how to create a slideshow in PowerPoint: Top tips!

  • If you look at any college PowerPoint presentation examples you will see that PowerPoint has a useful design feature known as slide master, so use this to create a template that is both simple and consistent in appearance. Varying a presentation's content is absolutely fine (e.g., putting text in two side-by-side columns and/or adding bullet point lists, images, and text). However, it is crucial to use other aspects such as background, color scheme, and fonts consistently.
  • The word count per screen should be kept to a limit and kept simple. Make use of key words/phrases and only include essential information.
  • In our PowerPoint presentation guidelines for students, we recommend that punctuation should be used sparingly and it is best not to use all capitalization. Blank spaces make slides easier to read.
  • Avoid using overly fancy transitions, e.g., "fly-in" text. Features like these can become "old" very quickly and can be distracting.
  • Use a contrasting color scheme for the background and text. The best option is light-colored text on a darker background. Backgrounds with patterned effects can render the content on slides difficult to read.
  • If you look at a few PowerPoint presentation examples for students, you may notice that high-quality images are good at complementing and reinforcing a message. Just make sure these maintain their resolution and impact when projected onto a large presentation screen.
  • Keep slide numbers limited. Audiences are prone to getting lost when presenters flip too quickly from slide to slide. One new slide every minute is a good rule to keep in mind.
  • A presentation can appear too "cutesy" and the presenter's credibility can be negatively affected by an excessive use of special effect features e.g. too much sound and/or animation.
  • In the event you decide to include builds (i.e. making lines of text appear when the mouse is clicked), make sure this happens in a simple and consistent manner, e.g., it works best when text is brought in from the left or top. Additionally, it is best to use "builds" only when it is necessary to make a point since these can slow down a presentation.
  • When it comes to navigating a presentation, it is a good idea to learn how to do this in a non-linear manner. The PowerPoint program allows for the skipping backwards and forwards through slides without needing to bother with "in-between" slides.
  • Once you create a presentation, practice and learn how to move backwards and forwards within it. It is commonplace for audiences to ask to look at a previous slide again.
  • Try practicing a bit with a person who is unfamiliar with your slide show. Ask for their honest opinion on your choice of content, color, graphics, special effects, etc.
  • Where possible, run your presentation on the projection screen you will be using for real. Check that your slides can be read from the back seats. It is important that text and graphics are sufficiently large to be read from a distance but without them seeming "loud."
  • Avoid reading directly from slides. Remember slides are meant for your audience and not for you.
  • Avoid speaking directly to the slides on the projection screen. A mistake a lot of presenters make is facing their slides and not the audience they are meant to be addressing.
  • There is no need to be apologetic about any aspect of your slides or presentation. Leave out anything you think is difficult to understand or read.
  • Where possible, it is best to run a presentation from a computer's hard drive rather than from some other media e.g. a USB drive, which can slow down a presentation.
  • Always have a backup plan in case of technical glitches. Just remember that handouts and/or transparencies will not display any animation or special effect features.

PowerPoint presentation sample

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Excellent custom writing service - PowerPoint presentations are our specialty!

While essays are common assignments in the majority of colleges, they are not the only types of assignments that students get over the course of their academic careers. Presentations (usually PowerPoint) are another type of assignment and these are different from essays in content, structure, and other ways. The aim of these assignments is to get students accustomed to presenting materials to groups of people. However, on other occasions, presentations are about letting an instructor see how well their students can visually present information and analyze it in a way that is different from written work.

However, it is not easy to create an excellent presentation in PowerPoint. While the features in this software are easy enough to grasp, learning how to create an effective presentation can be difficult.

In the event you want a good PowerPoint presentation service, remember the writers at BestWritingService.com possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to create high quality, eye-catching presentations.

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If you choose to buy a PowerPoint presentation online from us, we do our utmost to ensure the product you get is dynamic, informative, worthy of the speaker, and up-to-date. There is no denying that many business and classroom-based presentations are either dull and boring or very confusing. We have a number of PhD and Master's level presentation writers at BestWritingService.com. All of these experts are conversant with the latest software and they can efficiently create visually-appealing custom presentations using a fresh approach and of such quality that they are sure to impress your audience. No matter what level you are at - high school, college, or university - you will receive a presentation that is stylish, tasteful, logically organized, and easy to navigate. Moreover, our presentation designers and editing staff will ensure your presentation looks good, is entirely original, and free of plagiarism.


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Invite your friends to our service and enjoy your rewards from every order they place!

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In the event you want a PowerPoint expert for hire, BestWritingService.com can facilitate this. We offer students the opportunity to buy custom-written presentations at the most reasonable prices but without any compromise to quality. To provide a satisfactory and high-quality service to all customers we operate an affordable and attractive pricing policy with generous discounts (savings) on next orders.

PowerPoint presentation projects are quite similar to essays, research papers, and other coursework assignments. A lot of students find it difficult to prepare an effective presentation without good examples to guide them. Projects that involve PowerPoint require specialist skills and even the most talented students sometimes need help to get a presentation absolutely right. Luckily, the service we offer allows you to get a fully custom-crafted sample, especially created to suit your particular topic and other instructions. In ordering from us you won't get a cheap product but rather a high-quality custom presentation at a great price.

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Creating a stylish-looking PowerPoint presentation is not especially easy, but it is something BestWritingService.com can accomplish with the utmost professionalism. We pay careful attention to ensure presentations are dynamic and highly appealing. Indeed, we focus intently on originality because the impact of a presentation will suffer if it is inferior quality, or worse, plagiarized. Hence, when creating presentations, we choose a suitable background and appropriate effects for each slide, organize text neatly and logically, and include sound factual information and solid arguments using the latest and most trusted sources.

In the event you ask us to "do my PowerPoint homework" because you have not enough time, are over-stretched already, or do not have the software knowledge, our writing service is always on hand to help. We will provide you with an original, tasteful, and successful presentation while you relax.

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