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Reaction Paper Writing Hints

If you are a college student, there is a huge possibility that some of your professors will assign you a reaction paper. Some of the instructors call this task a response paper, which is also acceptable. As the name suggests, to write a reaction paper, you need to read, watch, or listen to some work and give your response to it, express your reaction.

Key Aspects of Good Reaction Paper Writing

As well as any other academic task, a reaction paper requires much time and efforts, and if you believe that you cannot cope with this task successfully, we recommend you to read our effective guide. We assure you that learning how to write a reaction paper, you will attain the skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary for writing many other academic papers. If you believe that writing a reaction paper is not your cup of tea, you have two options. The first one is to find a high-quality writing service and get professional help and the other option implies working hard on writing a perfect reaction essay. If you decide to create a reaction paper on your own, we are here to provide you with a perfect plan.

How to Write a Good Introduction for a Reaction Paper?

Before writing any academic paper, read the prompt thoroughly. Pay attention to the formatting style, length, deadline, and other specific details that are vitally important. If you are not sure how to start your reaction paper, we offer you to start with writing a good introduction. An introduction is a very significant part of your reaction paper in which you introduce the work to the audience, as well as make a thesis statement, telling your reader about the fundamental purpose of your work. The length of the introduction depends on the overall length of the essay.

How to Choose a Good Reaction Paper Topic?

Before you start writing your reaction paper, we advise you to select a good topic. This topic should be particularly interesting to you and only in this case, you will be able to make your essay interesting to your reader. The topic depends on the course, discipline, and the work to which you are giving your response.

If you are studying psychology, choose the following topics If you are studying literature, select the following topics

We assure you that choosing a good topic will significantly contribute to reaching academic success since it will help you be focused on its development.


The first part of your reaction essay should be a brief summary of the work. This part is needed for your audience to understand the flow of your thoughts. A brief summary will introduce the work to the reader and will help him/her immerse into the story. Undoubtedly, to write a good summary, you have to read the text thoroughly paying attention to all meaningful details. As such, you have to include the following items in your summary:

  1. The title of the work and its author;
  2. If you have to write a movie response, do not hesitate to mention the people involved in its creating;
  3. The key aspects of the work (avoid reflecting on them because you will proceed with your response later).

After reading the text, brainstorm trying to find the most interesting ideas in the hidden corners of your mind. This practice will help you select the most meaningful aspects of the work and concentrate on them.

Then, you need to create an outline. A good outline is an inevitable tool for the successful writing of an academic essay. Writing down your plan and following it point by point, you will be able to impress your professor by the professional approach to work.

One more important point that you need to consider when writing your reaction essay is formatting. We assure you that you will never get a positive grade if you neglect this point of your instruction. Most probably, you will be asked to write your reaction paper in APA. If you do not know the peculiarities of this formatting style, don`t worry. We will provide you with a few effective secrets.

How to Write a Professional APA Reaction Paper?

APA formatting is a common style assigned to the students in all educational institutions. If you are a college student, most probably, you have already written many papers in APA. There are many APA manuals that can help you create a perfect paper. Below you will find common rules of APA formatting:

  • Title page. Unlike MLA formatting style, the title page in APA should not include the actual text of the work but should include a running head, the name of the student, the name of the instructor, and the educational institution.
  • Also, APA formatting style requires an abstract. It should follow the title page and consist of a few meaningful sentences that will characterize the scope of the paper.
  • Introduction. As it was told previously, a good introduction lets the reader learn the topic and engages him/her.
  • Main body. In a reaction paper, the main body contains the actual response of the writer to the specific work. In APA formatting style, the essay is usually divided into subsections.
  • Conclusion. A conclusion briefly restates the key arguments discussed in the paper.
  • References. According to APA formatting style, all sources used should be gathered in the reference list with all the bibliographical information. If you do not know what details should be included, feel free to find an effective APA manual.

Writing a paper in APA can be a rather daunting task but breaking this major process into the smaller ones and coping with all of them successfully you will be able to reach the desired outcome. There are many websites that contain effective information on APA reaction paper writing. Feel free to check the examples available online since they will definitely bring you writing inspiration. Using them as the examples, you will be able to develop a wonderful reaction essay that will get the best grade.

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We have seen how reaction paper writing is an important component for the fulfillment of any task. It has been usually seen that there are many people who are very knowledgeable but due to their lack of presentation and communication skills, they are not being able to succeed in life. Thus it is advised that writing or drafting of Reaction Paper must be done by an expert instead of an inexperienced person or a lay man. Reading a particular matter is not that tough but writing the same on a paper based format is a very much tougher task.

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