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Types of Plagiarism

Today all of students are worried about their writing assignments. Not everyone is keen on writing and not everyone can easily build a perfect paper having only a topic. But even those who write like a pro sometimes feel unsure because of plagiarism possibility.

Here are the major types of plagiarism you should avoid for completing a unique paper that will please the requirements of even the most demanding professors.    

Direct Plagiarism

This type of plagiarism is mostly detected by writers, editors and anti-plagiarism software. All in all it’s copying paragraphs of someone’s work without referencing or citation marks. In most cases that type of plagiarism is considered as really unfair usage of material and leads to negative consequences. 

Plagiarizing Yourself

Actually, that happens when students use previously written work while writing a new one. As an example, you can’t use college work in the university because of academic level; differences. Moreover it is not allowed to use same papers for different subjects without both professors permission. 

Puzzle Plagiarism

This may happen when writer uses phrases from different sources without quoting them, changes general structure of sentences and meaning and giving synonyms instead of original text phrases. Actually, that type is also considered cheating, so try using sources properly.

Unintentional Plagiarism

To avoid this type of plagiarism you should know how to cite properly. When you use different sources but they are not mentioned or mentioned not in the proper way you can be almost sure that such parts of text can be defined as plagiarism. All in all if you lack skills for making proper citations that doesn’t takes off the responsibility for plagiarized paper. That’s why learn how to use writing sources properly, get best grades and let every page you write be a masterpiece. – Because We Care!  

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