Division and Classification Essay: Definition, Topics, and Other Tips

Essays are probably the most common of all academic assignments, and every student has to write quite a few of them throughout their studies. For sure, this is because it is a rather short and universal piece of writing, which can be applied in any discipline. Another reason why they are so popular is that there many essay types, each of which develops different skills. One of them is a division/classification essay. This task improves one’s analytical thinking, teaches one to search for insights, and requires approaching the writing process creatively. However interesting, working on division and classification is not easy at all. In this article, we will try to make it a lot simpler for you thanks to tips that actually work.

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Division and Classification Definition

First things first. What is classification and division writing? The word “classify” means arranging certain objects, concepts, or ideas in classes based on a set of features or characteristics. In other words, if a student has to do the classification of some items, they need to decide to which groups they belong according to their similarities. Imagine sorting clothes after laundry according to whom it belongs. This is what classification basically means. As for division, it implies breaking some large concept or idea into smaller subsets. A student has to deal with a single unit mostly and look for the differences in it to decide how to separate smaller parts. Imagine describing the roles of clothing in everyday life, i.e., to express own personality, show own feelings, art expression, etc. This is what division is.

Difference Between Classification and Division Explained

To understand the difference between classification and division, look at how many things you have to analyze. For the division, you will have to focus on one concept, whereas the classification would require checking many different items. Another distinction is that classification is about similarities, while division concerns differences. Let’s imagine you have to classify and divide the fruit. In the case of classification, you would have to form groups of various types of the fruit based on, for example, the place where they grow or their similar form. It would not be possible for one type of fruit to belong to more than one group. In the case of division, you would need to treat fruit as a single unit and search for different functions to find groups. For instance, these could be fruit for making jam, fruit that combines well with peanut butter, or fruit that is good for salads, etc. In this case, the same type of fruit can belong to different groups.


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Classification and Division Essay Definition

Now that you know how to differentiate classification/division, let’s have a look at division and classification papers. What is a division and classification essay?

This is a piece of writing that breaks a large topic is smaller ones to allow a reader to understand it better. And it can do it by either pointing out common features (classification) or centering on differences (division). Regardless of the approach that the prompt requires, the audience of your essay should grasp how you have analyzed the subject, what principle you have used to classify/divide and get a better understanding of the topic. This is how classification and division in writing classes usually work.

Classification and Division Essay Outline and Structure

Since a classification and division paper is an essay, it should have a typical essay structure. There should be an introduction with a clear thesis statement, a body with several paragraphs, and a conclusion. As a rule, the body of a classification/division essay does not include more than three paragraphs, meaning that it is enough to discuss three groups or categories. But these paragraphs should be well-developed, rich in detail, and contain vivid examples. Thus, to write a division and classification essay, you may use the following outline:

one (1).pngIntroduction

  • Present the topic under consideration
  • Provide some background information to put it in context
  • Add a three-part thesis statement with three categories/subdivisions clearly named.


  • Start a paragraph with a topic sentence presenting the first category
  • Provide an example
  • Explain it in a detailed and explicit way
  • Add a concluding sentence with a transition
  • Repeat the same for the rest of the body paragraphs.


  • Restate the thesis statement but in different words
  • Remind of the major ideas of the paper again
  • Conclude with a comment on the value of the discussion of this topic.
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How to Write a Classification and Division Essay: Top 5 Things to Remember

To help you with writing division classification essays, our writers share the key points to remember if you want to succeed:

    • Choose a topic that interests you. The point of division and classification is to explain a complicated or unknown to the reader subject in a simple way. You will not be able to do it if you do not understand the subject yourself.
    • Think carefully about how you are going to group or divide items. The logic of this process should be very clear to you, and you should follow it consistently. In the case of classification, the groups should not overlap.
    • An excellent thesis statement is key to how to write a division and classification essay well. It should not exceed one sentence, be well structured, and name all the categories that you are to discuss.
    • The order in which you present the groups matters, so think it through. Our writers recommend discussing them logically, chronologically, or from the least to the most important.
    • Be focused when writing body paragraphs. You should provide a lot of details and examples, but it is crucial that they all directly explain the category/subdivision.

Division and Classification Essay Topics: 20 Creative Ideas

If your professor does not give you classification & division essay topics and you are lucky to choose one on your own, we can help you out. Here is our list of the topics for division and classification essays that you can adapt or use:

Classification topics

  1. Existing solutions to climate change
  2. Today’s co-existing social generations (Gen Z, Gen X, Gen Y, etc.)
  3. Social trends that Covid-19 gave a rise to
  4. Things to consider while planning a low-budget trip
  5. Self-education techniques that work
  6. Popular modern art forms
  7. American culture elements
  8. Teasing that can be called bullying
  9. Way to give up a bad habit
  10. Life-changing events of the 21st century

Division topics

  1. Leadership styles
  2. Meditation techniques or yoga styles
  3. Occupational changes due to Covid-19
  4. Ancient inventions that have changed the world
  5. Modern gaming explained
  6. What true friendship is about
  7. Elements of healthy eating
  8. Motivation to study
  9. Aspects of learning a new language
  10. Everyday heroism.

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