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Students can have their research proposals questioned or rejected for a number of reasons, including poor writing style, incomplete methodology, and not taking current literature into account. There is a multitude of factors to consider when writing your proposal, and using a research proposal example can be a quick aid. The key is to choose the right one for your specific needs, both in terms of topic and structure.

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What to look out for in proposal examples

Once you have decided on your topic and the purpose of your research, you have to find a proposal example that matches. If you're planning on making a quantitative study on the effects of a certain compound, then you're not going to choose an example that uses a qualitative study. The methodologies will be too different, and you'll end up with a poorly structured proposal.

You also need to be able to check the sources used in any research proposal example. This is because writing the literature review is quite involved, and requires an up to date knowledge of findings on your research topic. If there are no sources or poorly researched sources in the sample, then it's not a good example proposal.

The abstract should be a one-page summary of the question you are dealing with, why your research will be of value, the hypothesis, methods and what you expect to find. The introduction is where you go into more detail.

A discussion of limitations sets out foreseeable problems due to time, finances, or lack of available knowledge. The main parts you should check in a sample proposal are:

The main
parts you should check in a sample proposal are:
Discussion of

Introduction to the research proposal

As with any form of essay, the introduction to a research proposal should do more than sum up the contents. A certain level of skill is required to write a successful introduction. Professors will judge your proposal by this section, so you should judge the research proposal examples accordingly.

Make sure the introduction sample you choose accomplishes the following:

  • Supplies a purpose for the study
  • Identifies the research objectives
  • Demonstrates gaps in previous studies and current knowledge
  • Specifies what part of the field you will focus on
  • Shows why you are undertaking the research

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Getting your research proposal approved is the only way to move forward with the actual research project. It is a stressful endeavor and amount of time required to work on it is too much to bear for most students. This is why those who need help with a research proposal buy online from

If you wondering to yourself, “What strategies can help me write research proposal?” here are some answers in a nutshell. The research proposal seeks to identify a problem for which there is a gap in the research. While putting it together, it is important to define a few important objectives:

  • What issues do you wish to address or what arguments do you plan to make?
  • What is the approach to this going to be?
  • What are the objectives as you go about writing your research proposal?

You want to be absolutely clear about your intentions. Your adviser or professor needs to believe that the topic is compelling and merits further exploration. Your methodology needs to be logical and justified. Also, you want to make sure that you are fully informed about the topic under investigation. Does this sound overwhelming? What if we told you that you could get help writing a research proposal from a top expert in your field of research?

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